Pugsley from “The Addams Family” after 30 years: This is how Workman, the boy in the striped sweatshirt changed

The star of “The Addams Family” Pugsley: How does he look after 30 years?

There is no need to say that the adorable boy in the striped sweatshirt is no longer the same and is even unrecognizable according to many since it has already been 30 years.

It should be noted that the episodes of the popular series that all the on-viewers were impatiently waiting for were starred by actor Jimmy Workman who was at that time only 8.

What concerns now, the film star who brilliantly participated in a great number of parts after the popular series, has turned 42. His latest role was in “The Biggest Fan” which encouraged him to become a cameraman.

The iconic actor’s family now lives in California and, what concerns the man’s personal life, he is married and has two children according to reliable sources.

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