A street dog participated in the race with a kind woman, who found it on the street

An abandoned dog was very lucky to have a new loving family

The situation happened with a young woman was had taken part in a race. The woman found a lonely, leftover small dog at the street’s edge.

And the young woman considered to take the dog with her for a long distance marathon. She had a chance to give the small dog to someone in the small van being driven by the runners or she could give it to spectators.

But the woman decided to carry the dog on herself. And when they crossed the finish line together, the kind woman asked to keep the dog.

The young woman took the dog to the vet for a check up. The dog was introduced to his new friends, who eagerly welcomed him into their group.

And after the race the young lady went back to the place, where she found the dog to check the area once more.

Doggy now lives with a loving family, who loves him. What a kind woman. I wish all the people could be like her.

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