The unique contact between the two. The canine always sleeps in the arms of a loved one

Almost instantly the duo became closest companions for life.

For years, all Noah ever desired was a canine to call his own. He woke up on Christmas morning two years ago and saw that Santa prepared for him a present in the form of Sir Meowsalot and he couldn’t believe his eyes. The two-month-old canine was just on cloud nine to meet Noah and it was mutual, and almost immediately the two became closest companions for life.

“There was a direct contact with my son Noah and Meowser,” Noah’s mother Ashley Crow said to The Dodo. “They were indivisible.”

It’s been more than a year and nothing has converted. Noah and Meowser are as close as ever and do totally all the things jointly. Anywhere one goes, the other goes after, and every day it becomes apparent how unique their contact truly is.

“Meowser salutes him with chirps, growls as well as always meows and as he walks through the door,” Crow said. “They do everything jointly, from dressing up to hide to skateboarding and Hot Wheels with Noah.”

The two are not frequently apart and have decided on an interesting method for sleeping jointly.

As soon as the sleeping time comes the fellows settle in together, and each time Meowser makes up his mind to sleep above Noah’s head, holding him in his arms. It’s the sweetest thing in the world and it always puts smiles on everyone’s face.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to have a termination anytime soon.

“They have such an exceptional connection and have had it since the premier day,” Crow said. “One thing is certain: as soon as Noah lies down, Sir Meowser lies on top of him.”

They have such a contact, and no one doubts that they will remain closest companions forever.

“If you ask Noah about his beloved one his response will always be “Sir Meowser” because he is more than just a canine,” Crow said.

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