A story demonstrating, that dogs and cats can make friends

Cute relationships of a cat and a dog

A male cat named Toddy resides with his owner Liana. And she considered to take a dog named Abba. The cat quickly befriended and considered the dog his small brother.

And also Abba quickly went to him and began to smell his new friend. They quickly linked, began to play and follow one another. They has one another’s full attention. At first Toddy would go to Liana and play with her and Abba would do the same.

The cat quickly befriended the dog. And from that moment their relationship became more powerful. The cat and the puppy played and washed each other for the first two weeks.

And after that Liana often saw them cuddled up together on a dog bed and she thought it amazing.

And the puppy thought he was a cat when he was with Toddy. They overjoyed and cuddled all day long. And this demonstrates once more, that cats and dogs can be friends.

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