The mother cat, who was thought to be protective of its kittens

The mother cat and her kittens were friendly with the rescue staff

After the cat’s owner moved, the cat was leftover and was found by a neighbour. The neighbour considered to call the shelter. And an Indianapolis based rescue organisation received the call and immediately went to the scene to assist the cat.

They met several residents in apartment complexes and they confirmed the problem. They were safe just because of a cardboard box, that kept them leaning up against the apartment complex’s wall. The children living in the area told them his place and they were able to find him.

As the cat was thought to be protective of its kittens, the shelter staff had to take additional steps. But when the staff opened the small can, they saw a cat waiting for food. And after that they saw three kittens cuddled up on the ground.

“We have never seen a cat eat a can so rapidly.” The tree kittens were picked up by the rescue team with their mother and were taken to the transfer vehicle.

And the homeless cat was sociable with all the rescue staff members.

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