The duck enjoys taking care of his little friend and has formed a strong friendship with him  

Here’s one of the cutest companies ever! 

Meet Beaker (Bee), a funny duck, who enjoys his life with his loving family since 2015, when his daddy named Christopher saw him at the pet store and fell in love with him. At that time he was still a duckling and needed human care and attention, because he was all alone.

On the first day of his arrival, he befriended with the family’s child named Tyler. They became inseparable and best friends. Even the baby’s first word was “duck”.

Now they share everything together and you’ll never see them separately.

When their parents posted their photos on social media, they immediately became famous and thousands of people got attracted by them.

They do everything together: sleeping, eating, playing and just having a rest.

Their friendship is becoming stronger day by day, and everyone around them is amazed by their loyalty.

The parents say that they spend the whole day together, and when they decide to play, the whole house becomes a real mess. They look like two crazy pups who make everyone happy and funny.

When the baby cries, the duck runs to his mother to inform her about the case. He is always by the child’s side and protects him from any danger.

Although domestic ducks are kept outside, Bee is a loving pet like dogs and cats. He lives in the house and it’s quite normal for his owners. They are so happy to have such a cute and loyal pet at home.

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