“Madonna with her 6 children”: Gorgeous Madonna has shared touching family photos with her kids

The heartwarming photos of Madonna with her 6 heirs touched the netizens

The stunning celebrity has recently shared joint family photos with her children delighting her loyal fans in honor of the Thanksgiving Day. The photos she posted on that day touched absolutely everyone. It should be noted that this Holiday is celebrated on 20 of November.

In the family photos, the iconic woman appeared in an elegant black dress with a corset. On that day no one stayed indifferent. The family had a lot of fun and fully enjoyed the celebration.

It is noteworthy that the iconic woman is a mother of 6 children, the fact that astonishes absolutely everyone. The star admitted that she is very grateful for what she possesses at the moment.

It should be noted that her son Rocco is from Beyonce’s second husband, director G. Ritchie. The spouses adopted D. Ciccone-Richie who was born in 2005, whereas in 2008 the iconic couple divorced.

It is relevant to mention as well that Madonna adopted a girl in 2009 and, what is more, in 2017 there was news that the celebrity intended to adopt two girls Stella and Esther and the moment of adaptation, the girls were only four.

What can you say about the large family of the celebrity?

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