“Incredible similarity”: The way Janet Jackson, the sister of the king of pop music looks will surprise you

You will be left speechless when you see the sister of iconic Michael Jackson

M. Jackson, a legendary musician, the king of pop music and the idol of millions, misfortunately, left us in tears in 2009.

It is worth mentioning that his very first plastic surgery was rhinoplasty because of the injury of his nose he gained during his performance. Whereas the iconic star continued altering his appearance and transforming beyond recognition.

According to experts, Jackson had undergone dozens of plastic operations in order to contour his lips, cheekbones and eyes as well as making his nose very thin. Due to a number of plastic interventions and procedures, his appearance changed beyond recognition.

And the recent appearance of the legendary musician’s sister Janet drew absolutely everyone’s attention since it immediately became clear that she decided to follow in her late brother’s footsteps.

One can hardly believe that Janet is already in her 50s since she looks much younger. It should be noted as well that the radical changes in her appearance made her look incredibly like her brother. She has definitely changed the shape of her eyes making her nose much thinner thus leaving everyone speechless.

It is worth mentioning that Janet’s life has dramatically changed since her 50s since Janet was able to have a baby on her own from Wissam Al Mana of Qatar.

Many refused to heavily criticize the woman since, unlike the majority of celebrities who strive to correspond to all beauty standards and, as a result, they look absolutely the same, Janet decided to follow in his footsteps.

Do you think Janet looks exactly like her brother?

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