An abandoned dog, who boarded on a bus and started travelling all day long

Some people don’t understand the meaning of the word responsibility 

Many people in the world don’t understand the meaning of the word responsibility.

And such people considered to take the puppy from an animal shelter, but changed their mind on the way and left it on the bus.

He had been missing all day long and the shelter staff had been searching for him. He left one bus and entered into the other and carried on travelling that way the following day.

Ordinary people and volunteers were searching for him, but they were able to locate him only in the evening and they took him to the shelter.

He is still in the shelter and they are looking for a nee home and people, who must be responsible for the dog.

The dog is sweet, affectionate and friendly and he likes playing with kids. We hope the sweet little puppy will soon find a new loving home with responsible owners.

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