A caring deed of a kind man, that may encourage others to do good things

A lucky kitten, who was found by a compassionate man

The cat’s owner found Mila on his way home. The cat was trapped in a small area between the gate and the wall. The mother didn’t know what to do, as she couldn’t leave her other kittens in the area.

The mother cat was forced to depart to help her other kittens as they were so many street dogs. And the kitten stayed there, asking for help. And the fact, that the man found him was a real fortune. He heard the voice.

The cat was rescued and the man took it with him. And after two days without sleep, the cat was able to rest. The man named the kitten Mila. The kitten became a sweetheart, who loves his owner.

The man, who rescued him loves both him and cats in general, so their love is mutual.

He now lives in a comfortable, safe place with his owner, who adores and takes care of him. And we hope this generous man’s deed may encourage other people do good things.

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