A hard life made this cat never trust anyone, but she realized that her life was not so bad

That’s an excellent transformation!

Before meeting the staff of the Animal Rescue organization and a dog named Nolod, this wild catty named Bardi thought that her life was so difficult. She didn’t trust anyone because of the inhuman actions of people, but then her life completely changed.

When the catty was taken to the shelter, she was pregnant and didn’t allow anyone to approach her. She was so frightened and unhappy and it’s clear that she had a rough life.

Bardi didn’t socialise with anyone until the shelter dog came into her life. The kind animal began to take care about not only her but also her kittens.

Nolod helped her overcome all the difficulties and made her trust everyone. The catty realised that no one at the shelter wanted to harm her and showed her real personality. Bardi turned to be so friendly and loving and began to befriend with almost everyone.

Now the shelter is looking for forever homes for the cat and her kittens, hoping that they will find their loving owners very soon.

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