A caring owner saved his beloved dog spending all his money left

A generous deed of a man, who spent all his savings for his pet

Cats, dogs and other animals we keep are called pets. For many people pets are not just guardians, they are their closest friends. And today’s story is about a man, who had spent all his money to rescue a puppy.

He was a retired man, who lived alone in his own house. He doesn’t have anyone and his only friend was a dog living with him. The vet told the dog needed an operation, but he rejected because of the lack of credentials.

The man didn’t give up and began looking for other physicians in America and other countries. And one was discovered in Japan. And the operation costed 40000$.

And the needed amount of money was on the man’s pension account. The owner took the whole money and placed it in his pet’s trust.

Everything was successful. The dog has recovered. Such a kind man. And we hope they’re healthy.

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