“Hailey Bieber took part in a provocative photoshoot”: The photoshoot of Hailey for Rhode raised questions

Introducing her line of cosmetics, Bieber’s wife left her followers speechless

It should be noted that Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey is a successful and overall-recognized model who has lately taken part in a rather provocative photoshoot for well-known fashion brands and this time she was proudly introducing her line of cosmetic products.

For the spicy photoshoot, Bieber put on a minimal amount of clothes, didn’t have heavy makeup and let her gorgeous blond hair loose. She highlighted her cheekbones with pink blush and moisturized her lips with a lip balm. In the studio next to a gray wall, Bieber was posing in an attractive way demonstrating her flawless body in lingerie. There was a creamy cake with cherries on in front of her as well.

This is how the netizens commented on her attractive look: “The sweetest dessert is you”, “Such a flawless body”, “This is what the natural beauty looks like!”, “I can see nothing but her stunning figure”, “A model with perfect skin!”, “I love her originality”.

What do you think about her provocative image?


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