A sweet dog and a cat became popular on Instagram with their cute photos

A loving owner, who likes waking up to these two every day 

Roma and Caesar are the newest unique couple on Instagram. Caesar is a joyful dog, while Roma whimpers like a cat. The fluffy friends adore one another and always go on adventures together.

“Roma seems capricious, but he is the finest cat I have ever seen. He lets everyone pet him and adores cuddles.”

The owner wanted a cat, but he was always scared for his dog’s reaction.

At first Caesar and Roma didn’t like each other, but after all they befriended. After almost one and a half months the couple had lost their difference.

The couple spends two hours a day exploring new places with their owner, who is a well known photographer.

Liu shares photos of the cute couple on Instagram. The followers appeared to like the couples’ differences. Caesar and Roma are often seen cuddled up on the couch when they aren’t outside.

“I like waking up to these two every day and ai also like seeing them as a family. I can’t imagine a life without them.” told the owner.

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