A small cat, who demonstrated a lot of interest in the family dogs

A courageous cat, who always defends his dog brothers

A man adopted a small kitten he had rescued a few years ago. The man brought the kitten home, as he knew his family of dogs would be happy to have him. And it was true.

The dogs played with him as if he were one of them. The cat named Lotus is now the full member of the pack. They eagerly play together and demonstrate their respect towards one another.

Even more Lotus takes his family on walks. The man took the kitten home after discovering him in a small street sewer.

“From the moment the cat came to our house he demonstrated a lot of interest in our dogs.”

At first the dog didn’t know how to treat the cat, but over time he considered that the cat was another friend. He looked after the cat. “Lotus always joins us in our regular walks.”

“It’s always like we had three dogs. Even if other dogs irritate our dogs, he protects his brothers.”

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