A raccoon quickly finds a common language with the family dogs

Sweet relationships between different types of family pets 

A kind woman named Rosie saw a raccoon baby in her yard last year. As the mother wasn’t nearby the baby was alone. So Rosie and her daughter Lara considered to clean and feed the baby.

The baby raccoon became familiar with all her new family members and quickly got used to her new surroundings. The family was so linked with the small wild animal, that they considered to bring it home and care for her with her husband.

The raccoon named Pumba found two dogs in her new family, which had also been picked up by the generous and caring family. She immediately befriended with other animals in the house. Pumba’s owners told, that she always follows the dogs and doesn’t leave them alone for more than a minute.

The raccoon is now grown up and is very curious, who always looks for her friends.

She adores accompanying the dogs and playing with them. She always understands them and knows when to stop, she isn’t rude to her friends.

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