“The first woman on Earth to give birth to 8 babies”: The incredible story of a mother who gave birth to 8 healthy kids

The world’s first woman who gave birth to 8 kids: How do they look now?

Today’s incredible story is about a heroic mother named N. Suleman who has become the world’s very first woman to carry and give birth to 8 healthy children at a time. It is worth mentioning that Natalia had 6 kids apart from them who were at different ages.

Shortly after being informed that she actually carried eight babies, a number of TV channels took a great interest in the incredible story of Suleman regularly inviting her to participate in TV shows and programs. However astonishing it may seem, Natalia successfully had the newborns and, what is more, could quickly get in shape after giving birth.

To the most frequently asked question that how she manages to keep herself fit and healthy, she always answers that it is only owing to proper nutrition and regular physical activities.

According to Natalia, sports significantly helps her gain energy and confidence to move forward and stay motivated.

Suleman hopes that all her children will follow her footsteps and be actively engaged in sports. As she admits, sports constitutes the fundamental factor in leading a healthy lifestyle and developing not only physically but also spiritually.

It should be noted as well that the mother-heroine actively leads her networking pages where she has 200 000 followers who sincerely admire her strength and determination.

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