How this wonderful therapy dog selects a gift for his birthday

It became sort of a tradition on his birthday.

This is Toli, a wonderful therapy dog meant to make life easier for his closest companion named Michael Cantu. “He was always next to me since I had him,” Cantu told The Dodo. “The dog assists me in opening doors as well as drawers, turning on and off the lights and taking objects I drop, and so on.” Toli loves to give a paw. But not so long ago, on one unique day, everything was about him.

Toli became 4 this week, and the owner has found the ideal method to celebrate. Rather than take the risk of picking a present that his favorite puppy might not want more than anything, Cantu made up his mind to take Toli directly to the point: the toy section at the regional pet store. There, the wanderer Toli began to investigate his options, seeming to completely realize what shopping is. Here is the incredible minute when Toli found the ideal present for himself.

“It became sort of a tradition in his day,” Cantu said. “He is fond of sleeping as well as hugging his toys.” So, what did Toli choose for himself this time? Fluffy toy rabbit.

“The toy is currently named Chungus, it’s with him wherever he goes,” Cantu said.


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