The touching scene of a dog expressing her gratitude

The owner was touched a lot for the dog’s kisses

This is Leyla, a sweet poodle who will brighten everyone’s day. She was a homeless and wandered in the streets. But then she met the kindest people.

When the shelter’s founders learned about the poor dog, they immediately went to assist the poor creature. They soon discovered her at the side of the road. Anne understood she must be patient with this poor animal.

She calmly petted and comforted her while sitting next to her. And the woman was able to win the animal’s trust. The small girl did something, that touched Anne a lot.

She circled Anne with kisses and hugs and also talked to her about affection and love showing her thankfulness for the saviour. Anne will remember it for the rest of her life.

She must get a therapy at the vet clinic for two weeks. Then Leyla was adopted. And since them she has a full and affectionate life with her owner.


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