“Curly Sue after 3 decades”: This is how the iconic star from “Curly Sue” looks now, after 30 years

The way the little star of “Curly Sue” has changed will leave you speechless

However hard it is to believe, A. Porter, the adorable little star from the legendary movie has already turned 41 and it has been over thirty years that the legendary movie was released. Many simply can’t believe their eyes seeing how much the talented actress has changed and some even claim that she is now hard to recognize. “She is literally impossible to recognize”, “How much she has changed over these years!”.

“Time passes at a lightning speed”, “She is amazing”, “Looks much younger, wow”, “Already 30 years have passed, how come?”, “What a talented actress”.

“Is this Sue? Really?”, “How old we actually are”, “The beloved film of our childhood”.

“I repeatedly watch this great movie every year”.

Have you watched the film and do you like the actress?

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