The owner came across a touching sight of her dog watching over the helpless creature

The dog’s loyalty is truly amazing!

Dogs are human’s inseparable friends who are always ready to support them in difficult situations, but they are kind and caring not only towards people, but also towards other animals.

Meet Zoer, a kind dog, who spotted a defenceless deer in the yard of his owner and couldn’t stay indifferent. The smart animal sat next to the deer until someone would notice him. Patt, the dog’s owner, was the first who noticed them together and she was so excited by the scene.

Zoer and the little deer became inseparable friends just from the first day of their meeting. The cute deer never forgets what his lovely friend did for him and he is always grateful to him for his kindness.

The woman took the baby to a vet and after getting all the appropriate treatment, he became completely healthy and strong.
Patt called several organisations and shelters, but no answer. During this period Zoer and the deer were having a great time together and they were so happy to have each other.

But the deer needed forever home and Patt solved that problem and found a caring family for him.

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