A very affectionate cat, who proves, that cats can be sweet and friendly

A thankful cat, who can’t stop purring from happiness 

Cats are thought to be cold, distant and bad tempered. People don’t usually use the words “cheerful” and “friendly” with cats.

But this ginger cat proved, that cats can be more easygoing than people think. This sweet cat’s name is Reya. She has the reason to be happy, as she isn’t living in the shelter any more.

She has found a perfect family. The little fluffy is absolutely overjoyed, as it can be seem from her clever look.

“I didn’t planned to have a new kitten, as I already had two.”

“But when I was returning from work, I had a strong desire to go to the shelter.”

“I discovered this sweet old lady there and immediately fell in love with her.”

“And from the moment ai took her home, Reya hasn’t stopped purring.” She got the name because of a cartoon character.

Happily the sweetie has found a loving home, where she would be always happy. We hope, that every animal will be rescued with its owner.

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