The dog’s life absolutely changed after meeting her new owners

The previous owners didn’t look after the dog, they just used her

The dog named Mila had an awful life before meeting her loving family. And now she isn’t able to stop hugging her new owners. Before meeting Mila, Marie McCain and her husband Markie weren’t sure they wanted to have another pet after their former dog.

“She immediately touched me.” told McCain. “It was just a little experience, as we had lost our beloved dog a few months before meeting Mila.”

“And I wasn’t sire I was ready for another dog at that time.”

But the two were unable to oppose to meet and greet with Mila. Markie told: “I went ahead to avoid amazing her and she appeared on my lap and in my life.”

“I immediately fell in love with her and we quickly befriended. She was also eager to be with us, it almost seemed like this. Before us Mila’s previous owners didn’t look after her, they just used her.”

And after the saviour Mila received a caring family, where she could restore her energy. And after just a fee months she was ready for adoption.

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