Mother and son sharing an amazing moment. Check the viral dance that appeared on the Internet

The son held his mother’s hand when her favorite song began to play.

The majority of people have problems related to sleep at some point in their lives but how we deal with them matters. If it is especially difficult, some read, others listen to music, and still others take some medicine.

But a mother and her son found a much more effective cure for insomnia, which they have made millions of people joyful with.

Lance started dancing with his mother Lucy as soon as he could walk, and she no doubt passed on his love of dance and music to him.

So, Lance knew clearly what he needed to do in order to get Lucy to sleep when she said she wasn’t tired one night.

Lance, presently a husband as well as a father of two, was ready to hug his loving mother and start dancing as soon as Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Husband” began to play.

Lance’s daughter applauded from the side as the rest of the family recorded the incredible minute of their beautiful dance together.

They dance sweetly, and they have very amusing facial expressions as well.

That’s what occurred to people who can’t sleep in Louisiana,” Lucy says, turning to the camera in the middle of the song.

Millions of people watched the clip shortly after it appeared on the Internet, and thousands more shared it after they become attached to the dancing mother and son. It is obvious that Lucy is on cloud nine to dance with her son and Lance, too, is joyful to work with her.

At the end of the dance, Lucy says something that makes the entire family laugh so hard that Lance has to collapse to the floor. These two have so much fun together.

The clip below shows a mother and son sharing an amazing moment.

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