“Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson are together!”: Ratajkowski and Davidson were caught in the arms of each other

Trying to hide their relationship, Ratajkowski and her lover were caught hugging

However surprising it may seem, Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson were captured in the arms of each other thus revealing their secret relationship. The paparazzi were lucky enough to catch them hugging and the entire world was left speechless.

During the birthday celebration of the comedian, Ratajkowsi was also amongst the guests and the photojournalists managed to catch the couple in identical grey sweatpants and cropped-down coats.

They gently kissed and warmly embraced each other and, despite the possibility of their friendship, many hold the opinion that they are actually in a romantic relationship.

After their warm encounter, Pete left her alone and the woman’s eyes were literally shining in the photos by paparazzi. They are doing their best to hide their relationship whereas absolutely everyone witnessed the scene.

While returning home after the encounter, Emily looked happier than ever trying to hide her emotions from the unwelcome photographers at the same time.

Do you think Pete and Emily are dating or are just friends?

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