Inseparable friends. The dog and the duck strongly linked together

Sweet friendship, that began from an argument 

Although dogs are called people’s best friends, they also demonstrate they can be called “everyone’s best friends.” There are many such stories.

And when we are sure we knew everything about a strange friendship, another story appears and attracts everyone’s attention.

Billy and Diamond’s amazing friendship once more demonstrates, that love and care can make miracles and two different kind of animals can get along amazingly well.

The competition between Billy and Diamond, who both live with their owners has become a really sweet friendship. At first the Golden Retriever started the story, when he tried to eat duck’s supper.

And as Diamond wasn’t able to do anything besides watching him, he started following the dog. Billy likes eating very much and every time he has the chance he comes in there and eats the ducks’ food.

Now Billy and Diamond have become friends, although they have had their own struggle for food.

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