A very popular dog, who adores riding motorcycles

Sweet traveler, who rides a motorcycle with her owner

A 41 year old man named Kim found Liko, a small dog, who pleased Kim with its courage and love. And when Liko noticed Kim’s motorcycle, she immediately jumped in and waited for a ride.

And a couple now travels together, making everyone they meet happy. Like other motorcyclists Liko also owns a leather jacket, bandana and goggles.

Kim told: “I made a jacket for Liko out of my own.”

“But she will soon be given a jacket, specifically made for her. She rarely wears black and she also owns a dog backpack.”

In the near future Kim wants to take his beloved, cute pet to Europe before carrying on to explore as many wonders of the world as he can. Sweetie Liko travelled all the country of England with her owner.

“Liko is an amazing and affectionate dog, who attracts people’s attention. She has many followers and she has been popular in the area.”

Liko has many followers on the Internet, where her owner continually shares cute videos of her.

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