A kitten with big eyes, who adored hugging his beloved people so much

A sweetie, who was half his age at one month 

A small cat with big eyes weighing 98 grams has been alerted by the shelter’s volunteer named Billie, that she requires assistance. When Billie saw the kitten for the first time she was amazed by how small she was for a three-week-old.

The mother left the kitten in spite of its small size. The small cutie needed a lot of attention, a bottle and love. Billie and her family follows him to eat and gives him hugs.

And his beloved place to relax is on Billie’s neck. Guinea had amazingly big eyes for a kitten of his age. He wanted to spend much time hugging his beloved people after every meal as he adored hugs.

“When I first found him, he was folded into a small burrito like bundle. He woke up, poked his head in and got out. When ai first adopted him it was very difficult.”

The sweet kitten, who was just a month old was a courageous fighter, who carried on growing and did everything to continue becoming stronger. Isn’t it sweet?

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