It didn’t take a long time since the kitten became used to her new friend’s presence

Having a friend in the house to play with is amazing

A very joyful cat named Synk always adores spending time with his family and attracts their attention. His mother and her husband considered to bring another cat home in order their cat has a friend.

A small kitten was abandoned by his mother and siblings.

The mother cat was unable to care for her kittens and abandoned them when they were almost four weeks old.

And when Synk heard the kitten’s voice he immediately raced to her. He was watching her with a great attention and keeping an eye on her.

But the fluffy small kitten wasn’t happy for the meeting.

Synk copied the kitten’s behaviour and tried to stand on her hind legs, but soon understood she couldn’t get near to the small kitten.

She was a really patient young woman, who would do everything to gain the little kitten’s attention and devotion. And it didn’t take Bour long to get used to her friend’s presence.

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