An amazing beauty. The star of “Twilight” married a unique girl

Fans instantly appreciated the choice of their idol.

Taylor Lautner took revenge on the sweetheart of the screen.

30-year-old Taylor Lautner married to the pleasure of fans. Although in the movie Bella went to the enemy in the form of a vampire, in life the actor still managed to find his big love. The Daily Mail reports on the wedding of Jacob from “Twilight”. Lautner got married on November 11th. Interestingly, his wife’s name is Taylor too. There is gossip among fans that Lautner chooses his beloved only by name. No surprise he dated Taylor Swift previously.

The opulent ceremony occurred at a tiny but nice winery located in California. The newlyweds exchanged vows against the backdrop of a fabulous sunset and kissed passionately thus delighting the audience with their beauty.

The American has known the blonde for over three years. He asked a girl to marry him the previous year. Fans instantly appreciated the choice of their idol. Taylor Dom turned out to be an amazing beauty. And at the same time, she turned a passionate bachelor into a really happy man.

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