“How is it to be a mother of 10 boys?”: The evidence that being a mother is one of the world’s blessed but hardest jobs

The mother-heroine of 10 boys has shared her routine and responsibilities

It is needless to say that being a mother is one of the blessed feelings and hardest jobs in the entire world. One should take into account that they are to constantly take care of their children while keeping their house tidy and clean and completing all the other household duties. To say that really devoted mothers lack of time for themselves is actually nothing to say. Mothers are expected to do absolutely everything, starting from the upbringing of their children to working and keeping the family. And just imagine how a mother-heroine of 10 boys lives.

Being only 39-year-old, Alexis is a mother of 10 heirs.

Many can’t even imagine how it is to be a mother of 10, how she even manages to take time for herself and relax. Whereas, Alexis claims that it is not hard for her since she loves her children so much that is eager to sacrifice even her life for them. Her youngest heir is only two and oldest one is already 17.

Though her husband who is a train driver doesn’t take an active part in their kids’ upbringing, yet the heroic mother manages to keep fit and looks simply stunning. Brett wakes up at 5.90 every morning and the first thing she does is to prepare breakfast for her heirs.

After the breakfast time, the woman takes them to a kindergarten and school.

It is worth mentioning that she vacuums the floor 7 times a day and within a day does laundry 7 times, however surprising it may seem.

As a result, she doesn’t have enough time for taking a bath in quiet as her assistance is always needed.

Alexis is a real heroine, isn’t she? Share your opinion!

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