A large number of dogs were rescued from puppy mills and adopters wasted no time in taking them in

Human kindness saved so many lives!

It’s so exciting to know that 70 dogs were rescued from puppy mills and commercial breeders and got the second chance at life.

All this happened when the BISSELL Pet Foundation flew from Missouri to Connecticut to save these creatures and they completed their mission perfectly and all these beauties were taken to different shelters in Missouri.

There a large number of adopters had been waiting for their arrival to give them much love and care.

The rescuers showed humanity that they are ready to take this kind of flights only for helping these poor creatures. It’s very important to take care about defenceless animals, because they are considered an important part of our society.

The workers of the shelters didn’t need to invite people for adoption, because a great number of people had already applied them for giving these cuties forever homes. Fortunately, these amazing creatures were saved and became healthy and happy again.

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