94-year-old Czech woman makes a small village her personal gallery

The village looks like a scenery from a fairy tale.

There is a village located in the Czech Republic that looks like a scenery from a fairy tale. And all because an inhabitant of this provincial town uses the houses of regionals as her personal canvas as well as creates masterpieces made of flowers with traditional painting.

Just assume that somewhere in the Czech Republic there is a tiny village that could be called unremarkable, if not for one BUT. Agnes Kasparkova, 94, lives and works in this village.

The name of this old woman until recently was known to few, but presently, it is known to the entire world. All this is due to the talent as well as diligent work of this woman. Agnes, intent on transforming her hometown into a dreamlike place, spends each spring and summer brush in hand decorating window and door frames with gorgeous blue patterns made of flowers.

Agnes Kasparkova, known as Anezka, used to work in agriculture and drawing was her favorite activity. But then Anezka took over the idea of ​​decorating houses from another inhabitant and began to do the same.

Using navy blue paint as well as a tiny brush, the woman makes complex floral wall drawings motivated by traditional Moravian (South Bohemian) art.

Nonetheless, while Agnes has got both local as well as international acceptance for her hobby, she insists that her passion for drawing is purely for personal enjoyment.

“I am an artist,” she told Czech reporters, convincing that she is simply fond of wall paintings that turn common houses into fairy tales. This is truly the case when it is safe to say that age is just a number.

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