“What if they wash off their makeup?”: Legendary celebrities who are hard to recognize without cosmetics

Would you easily recognize these popular stars without any makeup?

We all certainly know that proper makeup can hide all the flaws and imperfections highlighting the good features. However, one thing should be noted here: cosmetics can sometimes alter people’s appearance making them really hard to recognize. It is no secret that cosmetics can help conceal the “imperfect” skin making us feel much more confident and desirable. The previously mentioned concerns popular celebrities as well and some of them can literally shock their audience appearing without cosmetics.


Many didn’t even recognize the brilliant and successful singer without cosmetics.

J. Love Hewitt

It is rather hard to recognize the celebrity without any makeup, isn’t it?


Just look at her before and after putting on makeup!

P. Anderson

As it turned out, Pamela actually possesses a fine appearance even without cosmetics.

J. Lopez

Many wouldn’t even recognize the iconic star in her natural look.

C. Diaz

Looks like a totally different woman!

N. Richie

What makeup can actually do with people’s appearance!

N. Scherzinger

Looks rather plain and ordinary without makeup.


Is this actually her? Are you kidding me?

O. Wilde

Nothing special before makeup!


Doesn’t look as charming as with cosmetics on.


Does she really look beautiful without makeup?

J. Garner

Makeup radically changes her appearance making her look unrecognizable.

P. Cruz

She is hard to recognize, is she?

Lady Gaga

Do you think she looks equally beautiful before and after makeup?


Beyonce looks virtually the same. How is it possible?

B. Spears

Cosmetics definitely helps her conceal her bumpy and “imperfect” skin.


It seems as if these are two different women.

K. Moss

Have you ever seen Moss without any makeup?


Looks iconic and impeccable both with and without makeup.

How did you find their appearance without cosmetics? Share your opinion!

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