The stray kitten fell in love with the puppy, and nothing can stop him to be separated from him

That’s true love!

Those, who keep pets at home know how important their role is in the family and they are not just pets, they are considered lovely members of the family.

Meet Puppy, a cute dog, that became the family’s beloved member just from the first day of his arrival and changed their whole life.

The dog brought much joy and happiness not only to the family, but also to their neighbours.

The owners frequently take Puppy to walk, and one day when they were outside as usual, they spotted a stray kitten who wanted to befriend with the dog. They became friends and since that day, they always meet and cuddle each other.

The owners are attracted by their strong bond and they are sure no one and nothing can divide them. They are best friends forever and never leave each other. The stray catty always waits for his friend in the yard to greet him and the doggy hurries to see him as quickly as possible.

One day something exciting happened, when the owners noticed the catty waiting for his friend in the heavy rain. The cutie didn’t want to move expecting to see the dog even for a second. It’s called real love!

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