The husband told his wife to make a choice between him and the dogs, and the woman chose

What an incredible decision!

This woman is a great animal lover, who never expects her life without her beloved dogs. Everything started from her childhood, when her family had a pet food business and they dealt with many dogs. She knew that animals, especially dogs would continue to stay her inseparable part and she was right.

But the woman was so unlucky in her personal life, because she chose a hubby, who wasn’t interested in animals, and living with so many dogs in the same house was difficult for him.

One day the man asked his wife: “me or the dogs?”, and can you guess whom the woman chose? The dogs…

After being married for 26 years, the woman got divorced from her husband for her incredible decision.

After it, she built her own shelter and began to give the helpless dogs the second chance at life, providing them with everything they need. She saves them taking from the streets and looks after them until they will be adopted by caring families.

Although she is quite unlucky in her personal life, she never gives up and continues to make the defenceless dogs happy and carefree. That’s really wonderful!

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