“The actor with gigantism diagnosis”: The incredible story of the actor who needed no makeup for playing Bigfoot

Meet the actor-giant who is 229 cm tall and could brilliantly play Bigfoot

It should be noted that the career in the film industry of this unique actor lasted 6 years. However, he managed to brilliantly star in over 20 great films. You all have probably seen him in a number of movies, such as “Man in Black”, “Big Fish”, “Enchanted”. Due to his unusual height and uniqueness, Matthew McGrory was always offered roles of monsters and giants since he effortlessly could imitate them and needed no makeup as well. Believe it or not, his height was 229 cm.

The distinctive man was born to a family of an accountant and a housewife in 1973. When he was still an infant, he was diagnosed with gigantism and needed special care and constant attention.

It is worth mentioning that the actor was listed in the Guinness Book of records. What is more, since his school years, his parents couldn’t find appropriate shoes for him as such a size simply didn’t exist.

Matthew studied forensics whereas didn’t take much interest in it and never completed. He was constantly invited to various shows and programs since people were wondering what “the giant actor” actually looked like.

The talented man played Giant Carl, “Big Fish” and was widely popular and demanded due to both his unusual appearance and acting skills.

Matthew was a charismatic, intriguing and generous man in real life. He had a sound sense of humor and was understanding. However, misfortunately, his rare syndrome didn’t let him live long and the iconic actor passed away at the age of 32 because of a heart attack.

Have you watched films starred by him?

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