A very pleasant passenger of the train, who brightens other passengers days

The friendly dog, who likes to make new friends 

Most of the passengers while travelling on the train try not to talk at all. But an Italian Greyhound is different. Such dogs usually take time to warm up to people, but Moon is an exception to this rule.

Every time the dog makes new friends when he travels on the London Underground with his owner named Maggie Lane. Everyone including businessman, mothers with their little children, perplexed tourists befriend with him.

Anyone, who wants to pet him is welcomed with happiness and joy. The owner Maggie Lane told: “I prefer to take him with me, as he always makes people smile and brightens their days.”

Many people, who travel using the metro demonstrate their will to pet him and lift him up in their arms. And the owners becomes happy with the fact, that for her talking to the dog is the best kind of comfort.

“During this time he became my best friend, and he usually sleeps at my feet.” told Maggie. He’s such a sweetie!

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