A caring dog helps the nervous street cat calm down

The kind dog, that thought the pregnant cat enjoy life 

Cats are often very aggressive and detached in the wild and this is an expected response. Because many of them had been abused.

And a pregnant black and white cat named Bardi was also like that before she met the animal rescue centre’s staff and a canine named Nolod.

When the cat was taken to the shelter she didn’t let anyone touch her. A canine worker of animal rescue immediately went to help.

Her sociability and openness helped Bardi gain self control, patience and sympathy for other people’s touched. The shelter workers can now appropriately look after the cat and her babies thanks to the dog’s assistance.

Bardi turned into a very sociable and friendly cat when she finally calmed down and understood that the humans and animals didn’t want to harm her or her kittens.

The cat family is doing well and the shelter staff will soon look for permanent homes for all of them. The cat was very lucky to meet the kind dog.

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