A kind feral orangutan lent a helping hand to a man stuck in the bog

This is human instinct. Assuming someone is in a desperate situation, you go there and lend a helping hand.

Meet Anil, an Indonesian nature photographer who photographed an incredible profound gesture after walking through the desert.

It was a feral orangutan who suggested assisting someone after he got stuck in the bog.

“My point is that every shot can be backed up with real evidence,” Anil said. “I’m more attempting to portray a sense that is close to me.”

He got involved with the Borneo Orangutan Subsistence Fund and visited the facility in 2019 in order to discover more about the project.

“This association rescues orangutans from natural disasters, poachers as well as captivity. They will defend them as well as assist them to return to nature.”

“They treat them when they are damaged and help them with the trauma they are dealing with.

They are then transferred to a non-permanent woodland where they are able to adapt to life in the wild and transferred to the main wood.

“While visiting the site’s protected location, he witnessed part of the crew entering a tiny stream on their way to the orangutan residence.

Confused, he asked why the man was doing this, and they said that they spotted a snake there. “Angry snakes are dangerous for orangutans, so they have to deal with these creatures.

So, this man started clearing these bushes up and down the waterway, and he may have moved unhurriedly because his feet got stuck in the bog.”

“All of a sudden, this orangutan came to the bank of the stream, stayed there, and followed what this man was doing.”

“Every time this man made an attempt to test his balance, the orangutan put his left hand on the dam of the brook, and extended the other towards him. It was a gentle gesture.

“The orangutan ignored the long arm, which had already been stretched out for three minutes, attempting to help the man, all other things being equal, he left.

“For my purposes, it was absolutely new, I never imagined witnessing anything like this. For me, this orangutan was making an attempt to assist him.

This is human instinct. Assuming someone is in a desperate situation, you go there and lend a helping hand.”

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