“An unsuccessfully chosen outfit!”: The latest look of iconic Lopez didn’t make an impression on her followers

Lopez’s recent unsuccessfully chosen outfit didn’t really impress her fans

A number of fashion experts strongly hold the opinion that Lopez is the icon of style who never ceases to delight and highly influence her followers. However, we all should bear in our mind that absolutely no one is perfect and this concerns overall-recognized celebrities and legendary people as well. These days, being unexpectedly photographed by the paparazzi, Lopez’s overall look didn’t really impress her fans and some even believed that she chose quite an unsuccessful outfit.  Lopez was wearing an oversized denim skirt and many were more than sure that the elements of her look didn’t match at all.

However, her loyal fans tried not to forget all those spectacular and impressive looks of the iconic star not taking her recent unsuccessful outfit into account.

What can you say about Lopez’s recent outfit? Do you agree that she still looks fantastic?

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