Too provocative. The network discussed the 63-year-old Madonna in fishnet stockings

Their extremely provoking images were unanticipated.

Madonna began to amaze fans more and more frequently with her courageous shots and, for some fans, it’s completely weird. As they think, the 63-year-old Madonna dresses as well as acts beyond her age, as a world celebrity should not do, but their opinions are not interesting for the celebrity.

This time, Internet users discussed the shot of the singer together with her 25-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon. In one shot of a parent and daughter, extremely provoking images were unanticipated. Lourdes donned a strappy top as well as a miniskirt to demonstrate her flawless shape, while Madonna wore casual fishnet tights and a black lace bodysuit.

If the appearance of the 25-year-old Lourdes was acceptable, then Madonna’s brave look was not, and even the followers did not appreciate the photoshop that was used in the processing of shots. But one thing is obvious: both are in flawless shape.

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