Those who do not like cats cannot be indifferent to this wonderful cat, which has an amazing appearance

The catty has a very unique look!

Have you ever seen a cat that sits like a human? If not, meet Winston, a very special cat, that attracts everyone with his unique appearance.

The dog was given to Jessie Jones for her birthday by her partner Nick, and since the first day of their meeting they are inseparable.

Winston brought joy and happiness to his new family and became their favourite pet. Everyone loves him, even those who don’t like cats can’t be indifferent about his fascinating appearance. He loves to sit like humans and hang his tongue from his mouth.

He is quite famous on social media and everyone is captured by his amazing pictures. His owner loves to take many interesting photos of him and post them on his Instagram account.

Look at his cute face! He is so adorable, yes?

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