The priceless reaction of a cat, who found out she had her own sink

A sink bought just for a cat as she adored spending time in it

Lazuli’s family understood she likes sinks soon after adopting her and her sister Lapis as kittens.

Lazuli likes to sit in a sink for many hours every day. Her parents got an idea of getting her own sink, as she likes them too much.

“She slips into the restroom as we leave them to relax in basins and then screams for help when she finds out she is alone without the rest of her pride.” told her owner Brennan.

Lazuli and Lapis have their separate room in the house and their parents decided to buy Lazuli her own sink. They went to the store and finally bought one they thought Lazuli would like.

“It doesn’t cost a lot, it was like a usual cat toy or cat tree. And also it wasn’t heavy, it was easy to set up for her.”

Lazuli’s reaction was really adorable when she found out her own sink.

“She looked as if she was asking: “Really? It’s my own sink.” Brennan told.

Now Lazuli spends almost all day in her lovely sink and fortunately none of her cat siblings were interested in it.

“It’s really adorable, but only for Lazuli. It doesn’t seem to interest other cats.”

Only Lazuli uses the sink and she liked it that way.

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