This creative monkey lights a fire and toasts a marshmallow but that’s not all  

This is one of the talented primates and you should respect his abilities.

In his clip, Kanzi shows us the exact amount he learned. He moves out evenly and purposefully to collect small twigs and fuel, which he carries back to his camp’s chimney.

When he realizes that he has enough fuel for the fire, he takes a match out of the case, strikes it, and lights the fire.

Then a wire swamp runs along one edge of the wood and keeps them in torches, gaining a protected distance from the fire.

Whenever he thinks they’re done, he attentively checks the condition of the spent marshmallow before eating it in order to make certain it’s not too hot. For what reason can we all become like Kanzi at any moment?

Just light the fire, toast the marshmallows, and chill. For me, it’s a worthy life.

You must be mesmerized by his sense of leadership when he takes on this overwhelming task and his perfect, almost selfish demeanor when he achieves it.

This is one of the talented primates and you should respect his abilities when you are in the kind of wonder that this is all about.

Kanzi has been a cordial student in the North for more than twenty years and has accomplished a wide variety of missions.

He figured out how to make cutting edges for stone by pushing stones together which he actually created with the help of a pilot, having a rope that couldn’t be pulled and food in a cage.

Kanzi made a sharp edge and used it to see through the rope. He also figured out how to play Pac-man and understand more than 5,000 words and is able to speak two or three hundred.

He actively gave instructions to pass on his understanding to his kid Teco (who was raised by two humans and a primate after being rejected by his mother).

His child at this point exhibits the mental disparity inherent in humans, and Kanzi’s guardian does offer that Teko may be notably more intelligent than his father.

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