“Bone broth with cider and you are beautiful”: Hayek shared the secrets to her attractiveness with her admirers

It is hard to think of anyone on Earth more attractive than Salma Hayek

According to a number of people, there is no one in the entire world more attractive and gorgeous than Mexican actress S. Hayek. Though she has already turned 56, Hayek can still compete with young supermodels since she has remained the same stunning and attractive diva and looks much younger.

Despite her genes, Salma has some secrets to her unrealistic beauty and attractiveness which she shared with her followers.

As the stunning woman mentions, for maintaining one’s beauty and attractiveness one should make bone broth, add a little cider and drink it. She does so since such a cocktail contains a lot of vitamins, protein and minerals which positively impact the quality of her hair, skin and nails.

What is more, she regularly drinks freshly-squeezed juice since in juice from shops there are many preservatives. Salma doesn’t consume any sugar as well.

And, for her gorgeous hair, Hayek often sprays sea salt. She periodically makes hair masks from apple vinegar, various oils and egg yolks.

For her eyelashes, applying sapto oil is the best decision.

What do you think about these methods of maintaining one’s beauty?

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