“Conquerors of female hearts”: Prominent actor Pierce Brosnan with his heirs took part in a photo shoot for GQ

Brosnan and his heirs took part in a photo shoot for PQ delighting their fans

There is probably no one who is not familiar with Pierce Brosnan, a prominent and demanded Hollywood actor, who is overall-recognized for his legendary role of Bond.

Apart from this great role, the iconic film star has brilliantly starred in a number of films as well delighting the entire world with his excellent acting skills, great talent and charisma.

Recently, the legendary man took part in a photo shoot for a famous magazine GQ which is about to be released soon.

In these photos, we can admire his handsome heirs who didn’t let anyone stay indifferent towards their attractiveness and stylishness.

Having a look at the pictures, one may guess that his sons have had a successful experience in the sphere of modeling.

Many rushed to point out that they inherited their beautiful mother’s eyes and the color of hair.

How did you like their outfits?

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