When the pregnant woman advised her sister not to bring a dog, she didn’t listen, and it was the best decision ever

What a wonderful decision!

Everything started 10 years ago, when the pregnant woman told her sister not to adopt a dog thinking that it wouldn’t be so good for her future baby, but later it turned out that it’s the best decision ever.

As you guess from these photos, the dog and the baby became inseparable friends and created a strong bond.

The caring dog is next to the child since the first day of her arrival. He never leaves her side and is so attentive towards her.

Although he likes to steal the kid’s cookies, this does not stop their friendship, on the contrary, it grows stronger and stronger day by day.

Now they are a little older and still are together. They enjoy doing everything together, but their favourite occupation is watching cartoons on Sundays.

Look at their adorable photos and you’ll understand how strongly they are connected with each other.

They are best friends now and forever!

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