The cat was so much connected to people, that he didn’t imagine his life without them

A sweet cuddly cat found on the street

The Zapirov family considered the subject of wether or not to take cats from the street for some time. Daria Zaripova once met a red haired fluffy, who was really adorable. And after the meeting all the questions disappeared.

Dasha adopted Perseus. He wasn’t sure at first, he only came out of his bed for eating relieving himself. And also he had an instant mastery of the tray.

And after some time the cat felt relaxed and was adored by the whole family.

Perseus was connected to humans so much , that he can’t imagine a day without them. He became so connected to them, that he allowed them to bathe him and cut his claws in the bathroom.

Dasha is frequently amazed by her pet’s intelligence and brain. She used to believe, that animal that understand human speech were something out of science.

Zaripov family also adopted another street tramp besides Perseus. The second ginger cat was named Hercules and got used to a happy family.

Don’t ignore street animals, they just need to be loved and rescued and they will thank you a lot!

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