And is it fashionable? Rihanna, 33, wore an oversized T-shirt and bomber jacket

Many do not want to call the outfit stylish, because this fashion is not for everyone.

33-year-old Rihanna surprises and delights people with her uncommon outfits and figure. This time, the American singer was photographed on a dinner journey with a friend.

For a romantic date, Rihanna chose an uncommon outfit: a white T-shirt that sat on Rihanna like a dress, a red commodious jacket, and beaded sandals, there were also studded star earrings that sparkled even more on camera.

Definitely, many do not want to call the beauty fashionable, because this fashion is not for everyone, but in America, this style is highly valued, and if this trend was set by Rihanna herself, then the image is certainly doomed to luck.

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